Programming in Scala, Fifth Edition

The first edition of Programming in Scala won the 2009 Jolt Productivity Award in the Technical Books category.Programming in Scala is clearly written, thorough, and easy to follow. It has great examples and useful tips throughout. It has enabled our organization to ramp up on the Scala language quickly and efficiently. This book is great for any programmer who is trying to wrap their head around the flexibility and elegance of the Scala language.- Larry Morroni, Owner, Morroni Technologies, Inc.The Programming in Scala book serves as an excellant tutorial to the Scala language. Working through the book, it flows well with each chapter building on concepts and examples described in earlier ones. The book takes care to explain the language constructs in depth, often providing examples of how the language differs from Java. As well as the main language, there is also some coverage of libraries such as containers and actors.I have found the book really easy to work through, and it is pro…
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