Temporal: getting started with JavaScript’s new date time API

Updates:2021-06-30: Rearranged the content and created a section on the concepts and patterns used by the Temporal API.2021-06-29: Clarified how Instant uses the ISO-8601 calendar. Listed the properties of some classes.Date, JavaScript’s current date time API is infamously difficult to use. The ECMAScript proposal “Temporal” is a new and better date time API and currently at stage 3. It was created by Philipp Dunkel, Maggie Johnson-Pint, Matt Johnson-Pint, Brian Terlson, Shane Carr, Ujjwal Sharma, Philip Chimento, Jason Williams, and Justin Grant.This blog post has two goals:Giving you a feeling for how Temporal worksHelping you get started with itHowever, it is not an exhaustive documentation: For many details, you will have to consult the (excellent) documentation for Temporal.Warning: These are my first explorations of this API – feedback welcome!Table of contents:The Temporal API  Background: representing time  From solar time to standard time  Time standards: UTC vs. Z vs. GM…

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