Modern C++ use in Chromium

This document is part of the more general Chromium C++ style guide. It summarizes the supported state of new and updated language and library features in recent C++ standards and the Abseil library. This guide applies to both Chromium and its subprojects, though subprojects can choose to be more restrictive if necessary for toolchain support.The C++ language has in recent years received an updated standard every three years (C++11, C++14, etc.). For various reasons, Chromium does not immediately allow new features on the publication of such a standard. Instead, once Chromium supports the toolchain to a certain extent (e.g., build support is ready), a standard is declared “initially supported”, with new language/library features banned pending discussion but not yet allowed.You can propose changing the status of a feature by sending an email to Include a short blurb on what the feature is and why you think it should or should not be allowed, along with links to any …
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