Why SQLite Does Not Use Git

Why SQLite Does Not Use Git► Table Of Contents1. Introduction1.1. Edits2. A Few Reasons Why SQLite Does Not Use Git2.1. Git does not provide good situational awareness2.2. Git makes it difficult to find successors (descendents) of a check-in2.3. The mental model for Git is needlessly complex2.4. Git does not track historical branch names2.5. Git requires more administrative support2.6. Git provides a poor user experience3. A Git-User's Guide To Accessing SQLite Source Code3.1. The Official GitHub Mirror3.2. Web Access3.3. Fossil Access3.4. Verifying Source Code Integrity4. See Also1.IntroductionSQLite does not use the Git version control system. SQLite uses Fossil instead, which is a version control system that was specifically designed and written to support SQLite.People often wonder why SQLite does not use the Git version control system like everybody else. This article attempts to answer that question. Also, in section 3, this article provides hints to Git users about how they ca…

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