Accessibility and Mobile Game Development

The first step is for the development team to understand their responsibility in making their experiences accessible. We often see people assume that it’s the operating systems or hardware makers who are the sole ‘’accessibility owners’’, which is wrong.We don’t know what devices people are using, what tools they use and what assistive devices they own. As such, everyone should ensure that their corner of the sandbox is accessible and compatible with assistive technology, without expecting others to remove the barriers they’ve left behind.As developers adopt this mindset, they should scope accessibility objectives around 5 main areas:Blind, Low vision & Photosensitivity:screen reader support, high contrast, colorblind-friendly design, resizable text, avoid flashing patterns, etc.Cognitive & Learning: clear tutorials, difficulty settings, reminders, clear fonts, sensory overload-free design, etc.Deaf & Hard of Hearing: visual cues, subtitles, closed captions, etc.Motor Accessibi…
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