HTTPX · honeyryder

BasicAuth:API and support for Basic Auth.DigestAuth:API and support for Digest Auth.NTLMAuth:API and support for NTLM Auth.AwsSigV4Authentication:API and support for AWS SigV4 Authentication.Compression:Compression of request and response bodies.Cookies:Additional API for setting and interpreting cookies (using `http-cookie`).FollowRedirects:Ability to follow redirects.Retries:Ability to retry requests.Proxy:Proxy Support (HTTP, HTTPS, Socks 4/4a/5).Server Push:Support for HTTP/2 Server Push.Upgrade:Support for migrating an HTTP/1.1 connection using the "Upgrade" header (h2c, h2...).Stream:API for reading response payloads in chunks (supports endless streams as well, such as the Twitter Streaming API, or the `text/event-stream` mime type).Persistent:Persist connections over the lifetime of a process.Expect:Supports "100-continue" header in requests with a body.Rate Limiter:handle rate limiting responses from throttling server automatically.GRPC:API for building rich GRPC clients.Respo…
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